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TC 80/20 45X45 96X72 white double fold packing

Product:TC 80/20 45X45 96X72 white double fold packing

Categories:TC pocket lining


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Tangning 1512,Yingqian ST 13129,Kuiwen,Weifang,Shandong,China.


T/C 80/20 45x45 96X72  150cm white fabric packed by double fold is made special for Morocco market.

We have our own factories including yarn spinning, fabric weaving, dyeing and final fabric packaging so that we can control the quality without any problem. 

First,we use 100% new polyester material and high grade cotton for yarn spinning to make sure the dyeing process produce pure white color. 


Second,for the weaving,we invested 200sets of old shuttle loom machines to weave such item without stop by whole year,we use manual repairing of cloth surface in weaving mill to ensure good grey fabric to meet customer’s requirements.


Third,we use longdyeing process to make the super whitequality and special touch finish for Morocco market.

Finally,we pack with 50m/double fold,6 double fold/bale,total 300meters/bale.

These are the reasons that why our customer love it so much.It can be used as lining and pocketing fabric.Our fabric have very good quality and competitive price. We have good reputation in Morocco.

Welcome to inquiry on T/C 80/20 45x45 96X72 white fabric.

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